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  • N656BB Introducing N656BB
    N656BB is a 2008 Diamond DA40 equipped with a Garmin G1000 system. It can be used for flight training as well as personal and business travel. Select "Rental Fleet" on the menu bar above to learn more.
  • N53585 N53585 - Cessna 172
    Air conditioned. Has a traditional "6-pack" instrument panel, a color moving-map GPS and a multi-function display.
    Select "Rental Fleet" on the menu bar above to learn more.
  • FMX Redbird FMX Simulator
    The Redbird FMX simulator is the only full motion simulator designed specifically for general aviation aircraft training. Learn and perfect those challenging maneuvers in the simulator before attempting them in an actual plane.
    Select "Rental Fleet" on the menu bar above to learn more.
  • N537JH N537JH - Citabria
    Fully aerobatic. 7JH is used for aerobatic training, upset recovery training and tail wheel endorsement.
    Learn to fly upside down or just learn to do "wheel landings."
    Select "Rental Fleet" on the menu bar above to learn more.
  • N1956R N1956R - Twin Comanche
    Equipped with a G430 WAAS GPS, 56R is also equipped with Nexrad weather and TIS traffic alerting.
    Select "Rental Fleet" on the menu bar above to learn more.
  • N383TC N383TC - Cessna 172
    A traditional "6-pack" instrument panel along with a moving-map color GPS and a large multi-function display, this plane is great for travel comfort and flight training.
    Select "Rental Fleet" on the menu bar above to learn more.
  • N6137Q N6137Q - Cessna 172
    With a Garmin G1000 panel, this aircraft is a great platform for learning to fly today's modern avionics. Equipped with Nexrad weather and TIS traffic alerting, it is also a comfortable traveler.
    Select "Rental Fleet" on the menu bar above to learn more.
  • N84KL N84KL - Piper Saratoga
    With Air Conditioning, six seats and a well-equipped instrument panel, this is a terrific traveling aircraft. While you are whisked along at 160 knots enjoy music or talk from the built-in XM Radio, or bring your own CDs for the built in player.
    Select "Rental Fleet" on the menu bar above to learn more.

Welcome to Lone Star Flyers

Lone Star Flyers is a flying club that offers a variety of rental aircraft to its members and offers member student pilots an experienced instructor corps that doesn’t waste their time. There is no reason you should have to deal with impersonal flight school employees who don’t care about your progress. Conveniently located in Addison, Texas just north of Dallas, our instructors are all independent, which means they teach because they love to share the joy of flight.

Call us at 469-371-3179

Why Select Lone Star Flyers?

At the core of Lone Star Flyers flying club is an alliance of independent certified flight instructors working together with the club membership to provide a higher level of service and instructional quality to our customers. Located at Addison airport (ADS), we are neither a traditional flight school nor a fixed base operator (FBO). Instead, we combine the advantages of both in a club environment.

By sharing our knowledge, experience and resources while remaining independent of any one flight school, the instructors of Lone Star Flyers are able to offer you a better flight training experience. We have a combined total of more than 30,000 hours and 50 years of piloting time in over 30 different aircraft makes and models. We work together in developing curricula, seminars, and other training materials. We share ideas and jointly tackle challenges. And we insist on the highest levels of quality instruction and customer service.

Flight Training

Can I Really Learn to Fly?

Yes! Learning to fly is a lot easier than people think. You don't have to become a commercial *** 800-683-1410 or military pilot to fly. In fact, there are thousands of people just like you learning to fly.

172 Sunrise

Imagine taking off at sunrise and flying to a lakeside airstrip for breakfast or a round of golf. Or taking your family on a weekend getaway, traveling at two or three times the speed of a car (and with no traffic jams!).

Aircraft Rentals

Already a pilot and would like to rent a late model, clean, reliable single engine aircraft? Lone Star Flyers has late model Cessna 172s, with G1000 panels as well as traditional 6-pack models. For the more experienced pilots we have a terrific Diamond DA40, a Piper Saratoga and a Piper Twin Comanche.

Two in 172

Whether you’re a seasoned pilot looking for aerobatic training, or someone who’s always dreamed about flying lessons, call us today to find out more. We’re the flying club that does it all!

News & Upcoming Events

New Redbird FMX Sim

Lone Star Flyers has added a Redbird FMX full motion simulator to our training "aircraft". Call today for a demonstration flight. Get an IPC in the FMX and save lots of money in comparison to using an airplane.

Redbird FMX

Fly Our Citabria

Come and fly in our beautifully refurbished Bellanca Citabria. The Citabria is a light single-engine, two-seat, fixed conventional gear airplane which entered production in the United States in 1964.


Designed for flight training, utility and personal use. Its name spelled backwards, "airbatic".

Serving DFW aviators for more than ten years.